241 Home

Across the globe 27.5 million people are displaced by natural disasters every year [source]. This is a staggering statistic that Nest Architecture’s President, Kip Kelly is passionate about solving.

Nest Architecture believes in and creates architecture that is simple to understand and intuitive to engage. These characteristics are also paramount to effective disaster relief housing. This synergy of design philosophy and housing need forms a natural symbiotic relationship. With Kip Kelly trumpeting the way, the Nest Architecture looks to develop a design solution for relief housing that is practical and commercially viable.

The project is currently undergoing iterative prototyping with paper pulp panels and other inexpensive materials. The ultimate vision of 241 Home is to create small architecturally-minded structures that can be purchased, shipped, assembled and enjoyed. From each purchase, another small structure will be shipped to a location where relief housing is a dire need and can make a positive impact.

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