Barry Avenue

2251 Barry Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Barry Avenue is a 2-story, 8,900 sq. ft. renovation project that transforms an out-of-date, dark and cluttered office space into a contemporary creative office with an open plan and natural light.  The main entrance is an enclosed glass box with a central full-height water-wall as a defining feature.  In combination with the water-wall, vegetation and skylights located on both sides of the entrance provide a gentle transition between the exterior and interior.After passing through the glass doors with one enters into the reception. The reception provides seating area for visitors and a boomerang shaped reception desk with an inter-woven skirt.  These inter-woven strips are mimicked at the fences which enclose the exterior rear yard.Tile flooring marches through the main circulation path of the first floor and is mirrored above by a perforated metal cable tray that conceals duct-work and wiring.  The cable tray penetrates the building envelope and continues outside to form an exterior canopy.  The canopy wraps over and up to the second floor and continues to mirror the major circulation artery at this level.  A brand new second story edition at the front hovers like a jewel box that has risen out of the first floor.  This new addition features full height corner glass, large 8-foot sliding doors with a full-height transom, and a clerestory tower that cascades light down into the space and onto the main stair of the building.

HQ Development

Nest Architecture Team:
Kip Kelly, AIA
Tony Gushanas, LEED Green Associate
Emily Garren
Ian Norman

Principal Consultants/Contractors:
Alferez & Frederick Design
KGM Architectural Lighting
A&S Constructors Inc
Buss Studios

BarryFrontConstructionPhoto NEW-MASTER_BarryAvenue2-copy   IMG_5119Honk_WaterWallRendering2251Barry-mls-1-613x450 2251Barry-mls-13-613x450 2251Barry-mls-3-613x450 IMG_1193  IMG_50582251Barry-mls-4-613x450 BarryShowerNiche2251Barry-mls-6-613x450  2251Barry-mls-5-613x450 BarryAvenue-1stPlan BarryAvenue-2ndplan