Kelly Residence

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Redondo Landing

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Scott Residence

Initially built in the 1960s, this rustic modern single story residence was outdated and in need of rejuvenation. The forward thinking owners had recently opened a green building supply business and sought to upgrade their home to modern and sustainable standards, using the latest in both technology and design. The scope of work involved an extensive renovation of the home, the replacement of a solarium added by a previous owner, and the installation of a 20 Kw photovoltaic array, rainwater harvesting system, and whole-house geothermal-based radiant heating. Existing windows and skylights were replaced with more efficient low-e double glazed units, and new windows and operable skylights were added to maximize day-lighting and natural ventilation.The utmost effort was taken to research and use green/sustainable materials wherever practical, including FSC dimension lumber, casework and trim, recycled products such as drywall, fly-ash concrete, and recycled tile, Mythic paint, zero-VOC adhesives and sealants, denim insulation, compressed sunflower seed cabinets, custom concrete counter tops, reclaimed wood furniture and numerous other sustainable materials. All existing fluorescent and incandescent lighting was replaced with LED fixtures and bulbs, including LED lighting systems to highlight the Scott’s extensive art collection and provide mood lighting.

Bill Simone

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241 Home

Across the globe 27.5 million people are displaced by natural disasters every year [source]. This is a staggering statistic that Nest Architecture’s President, Kip Kelly is passionate about solving.

Nest Architecture believes in and creates architecture that is simple to understand and intuitive to engage. These characteristics are also paramount to effective disaster relief housing. This synergy of design philosophy and housing need forms a natural symbiotic relationship. With Kip Kelly trumpeting the way, the Nest Architecture looks to develop a design solution for relief housing that is practical and commercially viable.

The project is currently undergoing iterative prototyping with paper pulp panels and other inexpensive materials. The ultimate vision of 241 Home is to create small architecturally-minded structures that can be purchased, shipped, assembled and enjoyed. From each purchase, another small structure will be shipped to a location where relief housing is a dire need and can make a positive impact.

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HQ Corporate Headquarters

It all started with an un-reinforced brick, bowstring trussed warehouse building off Jefferson Boulevard in Culver City California. The client, who’s business is to install vending machines, gift card dispensers and kiddie rides into regional malls, wanted to create a fresh, animated office environment to stockpile and showcase his machines. Exterior features include polycarbonate and corrugated steel Lobby and cantilevered steel and polycarbonate sunshades on the south side of the building.

Upon entering visitors are greeted at a back-lit ‘lumasite’ reception desk with a polished concrete countertop. The ellipse-shaped counter was formed utilizing full-sized templates plotted in the architect’s office. 1/2” tempered glass panels were inserted into an existing 12’ x 12’ opening to maximize light into the main space. Re-circulating water flows down the glass to obscure the gritty parking lot beyond. A large shed dormer further bathes the space in light and allows for views from the executive office in the newly created mezzanine level.

Three private offices on the ground floor are constructed with red-iron studs clad with ïluma-siteÍ. The serpentine walls fly through the space sharing light to the interiors.

VENDING MACHINES ROOF SECONDFLOOR TO WATER WALL sc0015478e sc0014eaba RICE PAPER PLANS FIRSTFLOOR EXTERIOR 10_image 09_image 08_image 07_image 06_image 02_image 04_image
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Nest Architecture Wins AIA Honor Award for Design of Outerknown Corporate Headquarters

At the 40th annual Central PA AIA Awards Program, held in Harrisburg on Monday night Nov. 2, 2015, Lebanon’s own Nest Architecture received a coveted Honor Award for the design of the Outerknown corporate offices, in Culver City, California.

Outerknown Corporate Headquarters

Photo Credit: Miranda Brackett Photography

The annual gathering of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Institute of Architects was held at the Susquehanna Art Museum in Downtown Harrisburg. In all, 36 projects were submitted for consideration by the top architectural firms in the region. This year’s 2015 Design Awards Jury, comprised of architects from AIA Memphis, selected two projects for the honor award, the AIA’s highest award category.

Nest Architecture’s winning project involved conversion of an industrial building on a busy street into a cutting-edge design studio and corporate headquarters for surfing legend, Kelly Slater’s, new clothing brand, “Outerknown.” The company is dedicated to producing “great looking menswear in a sustainable way.”

9300 jefferson

Before & After

Outerknown headquaters

Before & After Mezzanine

before and after architecture

Before & After Foyer

“As architects, the most sustainable thing we can do is repurpose existing buildings for a new use, thus keeping thousands of tons of refuse out of the landfill,” says president Kip Kelly, AIA. “This was an ugly building on a busy street that no one wanted. We embraced the clumsy massing of the original structure and carved openings around the facade to infuse the interiors with natural daylight and choreograph views into the urban fabric.”

The jury described the project as: “A very personal, fun and exquisitely detailed work of adaptation… A unique repurposing of an old garage in an industrial area of the city creates a very exciting office space… The architect clearly maximized the limited opportunities available on the project; the development of the site in response to the neighborhood is artful and adds sophistication to the entire project both inside and out.”




Mezzanine Level



The architect noted: “This was one of the first projects we documented on Instagram. We established an Instagram account to showcase our work and educate young architects and students about design and real-world architectural issues.” The firm’s Instagram feed is @KipKellyAIA.

This is the second Honor Award in a row for Nest Architecture. In 2014, the firm won the award for the design of the Corporate Offices for Renewable Resources Group in Los Angeles. Nest was recently listed by the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal as one of the top ten fastest growing companies in Lebanon County.

Nest Architecture can be contacted here.

More information on the outerknown project can be found here.

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Nest Architecture of Lebanon wins award | LDNews

A Lebanon architectural firm recently won an award for a project in California.

Nest Architecture, 752 Willow St., received an Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects of Central Pennsylvania for its design of an office for RRG Renewable Resources Group in Los Angeles…

Read more via Lebanon Daily News

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How an Architect Designs Your Home

Check out my interview, How an Architect Designs Your Home on Pennsylvania Homes, one of the top sites for Pennsylvania homes for sale, including Downingtown, PA real estate. Pennsylvania Homes also services Connecticut homes for sale and North Carolina homes for sale.

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Renaissance in Redondo

Nest Architecture has been intimately involved in the “make over” of Redondo Beach.  Click here to see the full story in South Bay Magazine…

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