HQ Corporate Headquarters

It all started with an un-reinforced brick, bowstring trussed warehouse building off Jefferson Boulevard in Culver City California. The client, who’s business is to install vending machines, gift card dispensers and kiddie rides into regional malls, wanted to create a fresh, animated office environment to stockpile and showcase his machines. Exterior features include polycarbonate and corrugated steel Lobby and cantilevered steel and polycarbonate sunshades on the south side of the building.

Upon entering visitors are greeted at a back-lit ‘lumasite’ reception desk with a polished concrete countertop. The ellipse-shaped counter was formed utilizing full-sized templates plotted in the architect’s office. 1/2” tempered glass panels were inserted into an existing 12’ x 12’ opening to maximize light into the main space. Re-circulating water flows down the glass to obscure the gritty parking lot beyond. A large shed dormer further bathes the space in light and allows for views from the executive office in the newly created mezzanine level.

Three private offices on the ground floor are constructed with red-iron studs clad with ïluma-siteÍ. The serpentine walls fly through the space sharing light to the interiors.

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