Renewable Resources Group

113 S. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, California

A dark and lifeless 5,000 square foot space was brought to life with an interior renovation inspired by the mission of Renewable Resource Group, a progressive energy resource company. The program included ten open offices, a large and small conference room, and a single sound-proof office. Using fabric sound panel and glass trimmed with salvaged 2×8 ceiling joists, the Nest Architecture created colorful floating sound walls to separate the office alcoves while allowing light to diffuse around them. A fifty foot clerestory was built into the roof to flood the space with natural light. Additional slot windows were cut into the brick walls to provide natural ventilation and connect the third floor offices to views across the Los Angeles basin. A deconstructed model of the earth, constructed from one inch plywood discs, floats in the center of the space. The three sections of the twelve foot diameter globe provides functional areas for reception, work stations for traveling employees, and a modern “kiva” for informal meetings. Colors of red and orange greet visitors who enter the space from the East, while shades of blue meet users departing the west side of the office. The golden hues mimic Earth’s strata and echo the colors of the western sky. Users walk in feeling warm and grounded, and leave with washes of clean blues and open skies.

2014 Spark Award Finalist in Spaces
2014 Central PA AIA Honor Award

Renewable Resources Group

Nest Architecture Team:
Kip Kelly, AIA
Jeremy Speckman
Ian Norman
Emily Garren

Principal Consultants/Contractors:
Structural Focus
KGM Architectural Lighting
Del Amo Construction, Inc.

Brian Thomas Jones Photography

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