The San Circle Residence

San Circle

Beverly Hills, California

Type: Single-family
Size: 6,000 ft²

Punctuated by contemporary architectural lines and flooded with an abundance of natural light, the San Circle House is a beacon of statement design in San Ysidro Canyon, adjacent to Beverly Hills, California. The main goal for the residence was to maximize the alluring views—both of the verdant canyon walls and of the sparkling city lights below—and to inject daylight into every angle of the house. Mission accomplished, in more ways than one. Divided into two, two-story blocks, the home features a gallery in the middle to bridge the front and rear gardens and bring the radiance of the exterior surroundings inside. Floor-to-ceiling windows draw in light to enhance the connection to the outdoors, while corner glass provides panoramic vistas. Balconies across the entirety of the second floor, accessed via sliding glass doors, provide an additional link to the exterior. The property’s signature floating gallery roof, which hovers on steel tendrils above gallery walls and features skylights at each bay, allows even more natural light to stream in from all sides. The clean exterior, wrapped with smooth, hand-troweled plaster and travertine, is only matched by the minimalistic interior design of Franke Fowler, effectively complementing the cheerful, uplifting spaces in fine form. The pop-star Justin Bieber now resides at San Circle.

Nest Architecture Team:
Kip Kelly, AIA

Principal Consultants/Contractors:

William MacCollum

2015 – Signature Homes (p59-61)

San CircleSan Circle First Floor Plan2nd floor planView of stairs from outsideEntrywayPowder RoomWEB_4621WEB_4637WEB_4584WEB_4600WEB_4608WEB_4880WEB_4626WEB_4888WEB_4885WEB_4701WEB_4710WEB_4720WEB_4738WEB_4671WEB_4580WEB_4686WEB_4656WEB_4815WEB_4834