Scott Residence

Initially built in the 1960s, this rustic modern single story residence was outdated and in need of rejuvenation. The forward thinking owners had recently opened a green building supply business and sought to upgrade their home to modern and sustainable standards, using the latest in both technology and design. The scope of work involved an extensive renovation of the home, the replacement of a solarium added by a previous owner, and the installation of a 20 Kw photovoltaic array, rainwater harvesting system, and whole-house geothermal-based radiant heating. Existing windows and skylights were replaced with more efficient low-e double glazed units, and new windows and operable skylights were added to maximize day-lighting and natural ventilation.The utmost effort was taken to research and use green/sustainable materials wherever practical, including FSC dimension lumber, casework and trim, recycled products such as drywall, fly-ash concrete, and recycled tile, Mythic paint, zero-VOC adhesives and sealants, denim insulation, compressed sunflower seed cabinets, custom concrete counter tops, reclaimed wood furniture and numerous other sustainable materials. All existing fluorescent and incandescent lighting was replaced with LED fixtures and bulbs, including LED lighting systems to highlight the Scott’s extensive art collection and provide mood lighting.Photos by Bill Simone